One identity
A Secure and easy way for people to sign in into your Website.
Jalsonic Secure allows you to use an existing account to
sign in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords.
Ease of use - A new visitor to your site only has to click two buttons in order to sign in for the first time.
Jalsonic secure integration - The Sign in with jalsonic secure flow can grant authorization to use jalsonic secure HTTP APIs on your users behalf.
Saves users time - Jalsonic secure also saves users time, since each individual sign in process can take 5 to 20 seconds to complete.
Replaces multipe passwords
By jalsonic secure,you can sign up to different websites with one password login.
Jalsonic Secure is Flexible
One time login within jalsonic secure helps you to sign up to every website instantly.
Your Secure, Everywhere
It goes where you go
Everything you need to help new users become happy customers
Amina Ali - I'm pretty serious about my privacy login, this service locks down my info.
Ahmed Yaqoob - I feel more comfortable now all my secrets and private things are protected.
Abdul waheed - tenpins the best in what login concerns newly on them is worthy.
Nehmat habib - where have u been all my life! Love this login and site.
Zaman haider - Easy way to navigate. Very irlutline and good looking.
Sarfaraz Cheema - login service is great. 1 recommend other to avail this on their websites.
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